How to develop Augmented Reality App using Unity & Vuforia by GURMEET SINGH DANG


My name is GURMEET SINGH DANG & through my this one more qualitative learning material you will learn that How to develop Augmented Reality App using Unity & Vuforia. I have elaborated everything step by step in easy way so that later on you can develop complex projects or anything related to Augmented Reality in easy way.

What is Augmented Reality? In simple terms, we can say that objects which reside in real life can be augmented by computer generated perceptual information. You will learn that how we can accomplish such task using one live demo of some face wash product. Whenever that face wash product will be placed nearby the camera of Smartphone or Mobile or Tablet PC then we will display some 3D object & in this project I am displaying some 3D girl.

You can explore it in such way that after using this face wash now skin becomes much better using another 3D Model so there are lot ways to explain or to utilize this Augmented Reality concept. You can also utilize it in education or medical field or in industrial components etc. or whatever you would like to explain in visual form, in 3D form or in such interactive way that anyone can understand.

Video Tutorial: How to develop Game using GameSalad

In this Video Tutorial, we will learn that how to develop cross-platform Game using GameSalad.

First we will understand the structure of GameSalad & how to use GameSalad like what is actor etc.?

Then we will create our Hero which is a Ship to fight with enemies or hurdles so we will create the Ship & then we will play the techniques to move it.

Then we will implement enemies which will throw bullets.

We will also implement sound & score.

Likewise we will completely understand from scratch that how to build Game.

Interactive English Alphabet and Vowels App

App name: Interactive English Alphabet & Vowels App

This interactive App is created for all age ranges who would like to know or learn English Alphabet from A to Z & Vowels A, E, I, O, U with audio.

I have also personally recorded the Audio & I have personally created this App using Adobe Animate CC.

To install from Google Play Store, please visit:

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